Our revolutionary software will allow our customers to be agile -  enabling them to deliver, and anticipate rather than react to the changing needs of their customers and business.
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Our iCompare reconciliation solutions have been implemented and integrated into the largest financial, health, and security institutes, with no risk to the everyday business or bottom line


The iCompare solution has also provided our customers with a complete solution, one that includes automated dashboards, notifications and reporting while increasing efficiency by up to 70%. In addition, we have been able to enrich existing client reconciliation systems and improve processes.

There has not been a reconciliation system we haven’t managed to enrich nor has there been a reconciliation process we have not managed to improve.


Allocating cash or other transaction types can be a very manual and time-consuming process. Implementing auto allocation processes helps our clients massively increase efficiency and automate manual processes.

Our software easily integrates into all major finance management, treasury, and banking systems. Security and data integrity is always key priority.

For the exceptions, we have designed a workflow that allows the business to investigate and manually allocate data, all this backed by a full audit log. 

Financial Report

Very often businesses struggle to trace the underlying transactions that make up accounting journals.

Our array of skills enable us to understand financial accountants' requirements, their source systems, map transaction types, and build sub-ledgers which provide a full audit trail and traceability between source and ledger, including reconciliations.

We assist various clients set up accounting processes or improve their current processes. An 'auditor's dream come true'.


Businesses often have a large volume of payments they require a bank to execute. This can result in financial loss or reputational damage if not correctly communicated.


We have helped clients design payment processes securely between the business and banks. These processes include workflow, audit logs, quality assurance checks, and cash reconciliations.


Depending on your needs we have an integration to suit your business

Collating Data

Unpacking data flows and the medium in which data is transferred is at the core of most solutions. We have extensive experience in data analysis and implementing ETL solutions.


We assist our clients in transferring, normalizing, and enriching data in the most secure and efficient methods possible. We also assist with system migrations by understanding source and target data, relevant mappings, and reconciliations.


Information security and data integrity are a priority in all our solutions.

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At Signature we pride ourselves on innovation. We have therefore embraced concepts that continue to enhance the fintech industry such as robotics, AI, crypto, and cloud services.


Robotic solutions range from simple process automation to complex algorithms and decisions. Our clients use robotic processes to perform quality assurance on big data or generate information, objects, and executions.

We aim to reduce errors and improve efficiency with all our solutions.


It is difficult for BI or MIS teams to provide the most accurate results as these teams have to service more than one division, and often they have the technical capabilities but lack the business or finance awareness.

The business & IT approach taken by Signature enables us to understand and assist businesses in developing more useful reporting. 


We help clients with an array of solutions which include dashboards, business activity monitoring, automated alerts, threshold reporting, pattern recognition, financial reporting packs e.g. trial balances, aging reports, financial performance indicators, and budgeting.

Stang-up Meeting

We believe in creating long term relationships with our clients by providing them with personnel who have the required skills but also understand their business.

We are not a 'body shop', but rather a solution-driven consultancy. Our clients benefit from the huge pool of knowledge within Signature. 

Our staff have extensive training and practice with many software packages. We offer a range of analysis, project and development skills, and many other services. Our specialty is to understand the business itself and the end to end environment, thus offering an integrated service across platforms and business units.